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Criminal Records

If your candidate has been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor, youʼll want to know the details. Ameriascan has the tools to make sure you do.

Driving Records

If your employees will be driving any vehicle to perform their job duties , you’ll want to order their driving record, to find out if they are a safe driver.

Occupational Health

Whether you need drug & alcohol testing, physicals or any other related service, we offer coverage for all things related to occupational health.


Need to verify past employment, check education, contact a professional reference or determine if they hold a valid license?

Industry Sanctions

Bad conduct does not qualify as a crime, but still represent an undesirable risk for your company. Our industry-specific sanctions databases can help.

Specialty Searchs

If you have special needs, like conducting due diligence on a potential contractor or business partner, or background information to support a lawsuit.

Why AmeriaScan?

Customer Delight

We deliver awesome customer experiences that exceed expectations.


We don’t compromise our integrity. We do things the right way and don’t come close to crossing the line.


We always look for ways to improve every aspect of our business and organization. We are never satisfied with the status quo.

Speed With Rigor

We blend relentless velocity with data-driven analysis, attention to detail, and an emphasis on quality.


We communicate openly, honestly, and directly. We celebrate good news, but also confront bad news, without looking to assign blame.


We lead by example, regardless of role, and are highly accountable to one another. When we make commitments, the commitments matter, and we do our best to meet them.

That's why more than 100 employers have trusted AmeriaScan for employment screening services.