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Mobile Fingerprinting for all of your

Licensing, Legal, & Travel Needs

We provide convenient and secure fingerprinting services to individuals and businesses. With a mobile service, customers can receive professional fingerprinting services at their location of choice, including their home or office. This type of service is ideal for those who need fingerprints for background checks, employment applications, and other legal purposes. We use the latest technology to ensure accuracy and security, so customers can be sure that their prints are accurate and protected.

The Fingerprinting Process

Our technicians focus on providing our background checks and fingerprinting services through the use of our electronic live scan devices. We can fingerprint you and use the electronic printing process to either submit them through internet transactions or print them on a card for you to take at the end of your appointment.

Ink Cards

Includes Two Copies
$ 45
  • FD-258 Cards
  • NFA Cards
  • SF-87 Cards
  • Out-of-State Reasons


Digital Submission
$ 65
  • Digitally Sent & Scanned
  • Archiving*
  • Mobile Appointment
  • Corporate Contracts

FBI Background Checks

Starts at:
$ 90
  • 24hr Turnaround (via email)
  • Apostille Available
  • Authentication Available
  • Hard Copies (additional fee per copy)

What do you need to have?


You'll need your state or government issued identification, passport, or personally identifying documents.

License Numbers

Bring any supporting documentation including items that have your application or license IDs.

Personal Information

Come prepared to answer questions regarding your licensing needs to ensure all document accuracy.

Fingerprint Reasons

Do you need any additional services that we can help knock out at a single visit?

We are mobile–we’ll visit you for an appointment, or your organization for multiple appointments.

– Anna Dempsey, Owner/CEO

How Can We Help?

Book an Appointment

Our team of experts will help you navigate your fingerprinting and background check needs. Call us or email us with any questions prior to your appointment.